April 26th, 2011

Life on Mars (Sam  & Gene are Partners)

Masterlist - The Changes Series

Title: The Changes Series
Fandom: Life on Mars
Rating: G-NC-17 depending on the section. Individual ratings listed.
Word Count: 62,000+ words in total.
Notes: Sam/Gene, set 1987-1989. Title from ‘Changes’ by David Bowie. Sixteen parts.
Warning: In different sections there are --- Mentions of prior character death. Overtones of dubious consent. Violence. Homophobic slurs. Allusions to sex between an adult and a teenager who is over the age of consent by today's standards, but not by 1989's. Sex between those same characters. Issues of race.
Summary: Before his death in 1980, Sam asks Gene to visit his young counterpart in 1987. By 1987 Gene has long come to terms with Sam's departure, but he knows that seeing him again, even a different version of the man he loved, will hurt. What he doesn't know is that eighteen year old Sam knows of Gene, has something close to a fixation.

Gene wants, desperately, to let Sam live his own life, a new life, Sam is young and he feels old. But he can't stay away. He's fascinated by the differences and similarities between the Sam he knew and the Sam who has just started training to be a police officer. And Sam --- well, he's stubborn, sure that Gene holds the answers to his questions, and attracted by a chemistry neither of them can adequately explain.

Links to artwork by the amazing basaltgrrl.

Story also to be found on the AO3 here!

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