March 2nd, 2011

Life on Mars (Sam & Gene hold hands)

Love of my life...

I've been reading about various different fandoms lately and the troubles they harbour and it got me thinking a lot about Life on Mars fandom. In doing so, I constructed this list: things I am thankful for regarding Life on Mars fandom.

1. No anonmeme. And by this I don't mean kinkmeme (which we do have, and which we should probably maintain as much as possible), but a place to which people go to bitch about others. We've never had one, as far as I am aware. This is so pleasing.

2. Very few shipwars. In my recollection, we've almost never had any kind of "my ship is better than your ship" nonsense.

3. A lack of wank in general, actually. I'm pretty sure I'm the wankiest member of LoM fandom, and considering about 96% of my wank is directed towards the show's creators? They're excellent wank statistics.

4. A delightfully high ratio of good to bad fic, vids and artwork. The talent we have in our little fandom that could is astounding.

5. Ambience and atmosphere. So many people are friendly, non-judgemental, welcoming, and, all in all, rad.

So, we may sometimes be very quiet, and sure, I'd love more of everything, but for the most part? Thank you, non-wanky fandom of my heart. I mean it.