January 23rd, 2011

Life on Mars (Annie thinks)

immune to your consultations

Title: immune to your consultations
Fandom: Life on Mars
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 4850 words.
Notes: Sam/Gene, set 1989. Title from ‘Changes’ by David Bowie. Part twelve in the Changes Series (link takes you to the previous parts.)
Warning: Prior character death. Allusions to sex between an adult and a teenager who is over the age of consent by today's standards, but not by 1989's.
Summary: In public, Sam is obviously and amusingly terrified of watching personal space and propriety. He cares about it all much more now than he ever did before. They go to the café they used to frequent every so often, and Sam sits fiddling with the sugar packets and salt shaker, ensuring his chair is set half a foot back from the table so that there’s no accidental touching.

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