August 10th, 2010

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Day 23 - Most annoying character

I'm usually pretty lenient on characters, I find. I rarely take an active dislike to characters many have problems with (as an example: I never really minded Cameron in House.)

But there is always one exception to a rule, and my exception is Dawn from Buffy. Holy fuck, I hated Dawn. Up until Dawn, I'd liked Michelle Trachtenberg as an actress. I'd seen her as a child actor in a few things and thought she was quite talented. I still maintain that she is. But Dawn had to have been one of the worst constructed and conceived characters in the entirety of television history. I spent a good amount of time rolling my eyes at her, making snide remarks to the television, and wondering why the hell anyone cared remotely about her. The only, and I do mean this, only thing I remotely liked about Dawn was the little friendship she and Spike developed, and I only liked that because of Spike.