July 30th, 2010

Psych (Shawn & Gus 2)

Lah lah lah la la love, la la love, makes the world go round!

catwalksalone is running an It's okay to say I love you! fest, in which you commentfic, flashvid, flashcreate, rec and contribute in any other way an entry that involves a spoken or written "I love you" between men (or women, or a man and a woman --- the whole idea here was rolling our eyes at gender stereotyping and a blanket statement that ALL MEN ARE [insert silliness here]!) Slash, gen, het, femmeslash are all welcome.

I FAIL hard at this in Life on Mars fic. That's my own issues coming into play and I've been working on it for literally years. But I don't think all men are incapable of saying they love, are falling in love, or wish someone loved them back so I wholeheartedly support this fest and hope you will too, because LOVE? Is in the air, that's amore, is all you need, is hard, was made for me and you.