July 28th, 2010


TV Meme...

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Day 15 - Favorite female character

Okay, this time I really can't choose. From the wonderful resourcefulness of Annie Cartwright, Juliet O'Hara, Sophie Deveraux, Parker, Charlotte Charles, and Trudy Graham, to the overall badassery of Aeryn Sun, Turanga Leela, Debra Morgan, Seven of Nine, Jane Marple, and Ziva David, my screen is awash with excellent female characters. I love Elizabeth Bennet (P&P '95) as much as I love Cissy Meldrum. Almost as much as I love Daisy Steiner.* I had a huge, huge, HUGE crush on Maxine Gray (and indeed, preferred her to her daughter in every way.) Characters that I love despite (and because of) their flaws would be Maria Laguerta, Kathryn Janeway, and Sarah Walker.


I just thought of half a dozen more male and female characters I adore.

*And I forgot Daisy, omg.