July 16th, 2010

Life on Mars (Sam Giggles)

Random things...

1. You have to love a fandom in which the phrase "this is the most romantic thing I have written in ages" is immediately followed up by "orgasm denial". ♥

2. I wonder what it says about me that I find a Mitchell and Webb sketch that was deliberately not in the edit of the actual show to be about nine times funnier than all of the sketches that were. But then, I almost always do find the meta sketches the most amusing, and it had a personal connection (well, sort of. Is dressing like a dude all the time a personal connection?)

3. I received the test results on blood taken when I had a medical the other day. Apparently, everything is perfect. So, despite being overweight, I'm relatively healthy. Good to know. (The doctor was surprised by how perfect my cholesterol level was. I was tempted to glare and say, "I'm big-boned, you know!")

4. I'm heading back North soon, and truth be told? I am not inclined to be happy about this. The past two weeks have sped by really, really quickly. It's been three since I've taught. Once I get back into it, I'll be golden, but it's the getting back into it part that's the kicker.

5. Thanks for all the comments about my blondinity. So far, I'm not necessarily having more fun, but I'm coming round to thinking it isn't a wholly terrible look.