January 5th, 2010

NCIS (Tim/Tony 2)

This name is the hairshirt I wear...

Some more things I have noticed in my NCIS watching:

1. I don't like S2 Tony much. He's too much of a caricature, too cruel to both Kate and Tim. And he constantly gets away with his shit. I get that we have moments of depth there, that Tony's shown to be awesome at his job, that he's brave in the face of adversity. But he's still such a jerk too much of the time for me to appreciate him.

2. Kate's death is just as heartbreaking the third time viewing as it is the first. If not more so. I really liked her.

3. The first two episodes of S3 are tear-inducing in every single scene Kate's mentioned. Also, sexist in so many not cool ways. It's acknowledged, though, so I'm confused. If you can tell you're being sexist, show, how about not being sexist?