December 14th, 2009

Loz Twirly Wirly


People who know my mother and then meet me almost always say this: "I could tell you were Linda's daughter, you look just like her!"

Sweet, yeah? Touching.

Only... we look nothing alike. None of our features correspond. Neither does our colouring. Where she has heavy-lidded eyes, I don't. Where she has a bump in her nose, I don't. Where she has longer, thinner lips, I have a pronounced cupid's bow and lower-lip pout. My ears stick out more than hers, my chin is stranger, my eyebrows follow a different line, my face a different overall shape. I have green eyes and chestnut brown hair, she's dark brown and auburn. Our skin colour is markedly different.

I'm not offended. I am not someone who has never wanted to become their parents, because I think my parents are awesome. But I am confused. Is it my expression? The way I carry myself? Is it merely our cheekbones? Or are people just blind? They want to see my mother in me and so they do.

One of these days, I'm going to ask, "We look alike? In which ways?" I'll try to be polite, as opposed to completely and utterly skeptical, but I'll expect a well-formed response.
Life on Mars (Sam & Gene come over all D

Eternal Caravan of Reincarnation

Title: Eternal Caravan of Reincarnation
Fandom: Life on Mars
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 4,300 words
Notes: For silvaa as part of Life on Mars Ficathon 2009 and the prompt "Sam/Gene, brown cortina, Santana". Title and subtitles from the Santana album 'Caravanserai'.
Summary: What makes him go silent? Remembering that he is the wrong person in the wrong time, that no matter how close he and his co-workers become, there will always be this space between them; a limitless emptiness not unlike the expanse of snow now stretched over Manchester streets.

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