December 8th, 2009

Loz Light

This is my happy grinny face...

It has virtually no Tony & Tim action, but my favourite episode of NCIS so far has been 6.04 - Heartland. Oh man, it hits all of my television kinks. Backstory! Family reunion! Overcoming unnecessary emotional distance! Awesome father-son dynamic! Charming older man! ALSO; I really, really, really love Gibbs. Like, wow. (His grin? When he was driving? I WANTED TO SQUISH HIM AND CALL HIM MY SQUISHY AND HAVE HIM BE MY SQUISHY FOREVER AND EVER.)

So sue me, I am sentimental at heart.

I also skipped ahead and watched 6.14 - Love and War - and it is everything people say it is and more. As I was saying to trascendenza, the lengths Tony went to in order to pull Tim's pigtails were astounding. Who does that? Tony does, that's who. He spent an entire weekend setting up a fake profile with presumably enough detail to initially fool Tim into believing he was conversing with a real woman. An entire weekend flirting shamelessly. With Tim. Just because he could. Because he was 'bored'. I was very pleased by Tim's rebuttal, although I personally would have taken it a step further and really messed with Tony's head. (I can only presume he actually did but it was a little too much like text for the NCIS writers, they just couldn't get it sub enough. WHICH? THIS SHOW? It's crazy obvious with all of its subtext all the time. So that tells you what it must have been like.)

I am feeling like I actually need an NCIS icon.