December 6th, 2009

NCIS (Tony Grinning Somewhat Warily)

Don't ask, don't tell...

Episode 5.14 of NCIS is strange anyway, because it's dredging up a situation that occured half a season before, it's told quite a bit in flashbacks, and it basically suggests Jenny Shepard is a murderer, but the thrillingly weird part is when Fornell asks Tim whether his relationship with Tony is professional, and Tim flashes to:

a) A very quick shot of Tony and Tim staring at each other as Tim is shirtless.
b) Tony calling Tim an array of endearments (or. you know. insults.)
c) Tim and Tony engaging in full-body contact fisticuffs.
d) Them sprawled in a suggestive manner. Tim on top.

At which point Tim kind of chokes and says "yeah, it's very professional, yeah."

Really, show? Really? Subtlety is just not your strong point at all. And I love you for it. ♥