November 19th, 2009

Loz Hidden From View

It's fairly apparent I love youtube...

Some of you may remember the Doug Anthony Allstars (1985 - 1994.) They did very well internationally. Made up of Paul McDermott (an angry, angry little man), Richard Fidler (the guitarist) and Tim Ferguson (later to be a super obnoxious gameshow host), they were a cheeky Australian musical comedy act that liked to push boundaries. The thing I love about them is that, like Tripod, they were actually super talented musically. The thing I don't love about them is that a lot of their humour is not my humour, because they ping my humiliation squick like crazy. Below the cut are some of my favourites of theirs, including three beautiful arrangements of pre-existing songs.

Collapse )
Life on Mars (Sam Giggles)


I actually really love it when Dappy's on Never Mind the Buzzcocks. He seems to have a healthy sense of humour about himself and he cracks my shit up. I am now wondering if he was utterly genuine in thinking Martha Wainwright was Cerys Matthews, but I think he may have been. Poor boy. It's one thing to be intentionally dumb on a show, quite another to be so accidentally stupid.

Also, I kind of want a tv show that features Martin Freeman, Jonty Bankes from the UOGB, Simon Pegg and John Simm as brothers who form an unlikely pop-band because they've all gone broke in their respective careers and/or split up with their partners. Initially performing acoustic versions of well-known songs, they gain a following. They gain notoriety when they start to write their own tracks about their lacklustre lives. With such hits as "Another Grilled Cheese Sandwich Tonight", "Oh No, My Umbrella's At Home", "Lost My Job Coz I Lost My Mind" and "She Never Really Meant to Scream (It May As Well Have Been Another Wet Dream)" they take over the UK charts.