October 18th, 2009

Psych (Shawn Looks at you Steadily)

James Roday on the character he plays...

Q: How much sincerity or earnestness can Shawn ever display? Or can he show any?

I believe he has shown some and he'll continue to show some. Playing Shawn has always been a slippery slope. He's a grown man with a Peter Pan complex and a host of emotional insecurities. I've always sort of operated under the magic formula that it's okay to want to slap him as long as you also want to hug him. In any given episode it can be more one than the other as long as there's balance in the end. It's not always easy and I suspect it's only going to get tougher as he gets older.


And this is why he's second on my list of Psych-writers I love (yes, above Steve Franks.) There isn't actually a Psych writer who isn't on that list, but my top three go something like Andy Berman, Roday, Steve Franks, with optional Kell Cahoon.

From this interview, which is awesome.

Hi, hi, hi. I'm meant to be doing my term programming right now, which is of course why I'm clearly not. I may fail at being a responsible teacher and adult at times. Peter Pan complex, you say?