August 22nd, 2009

Life on Mars (Sam  & Gene are Partners)

Still interrupting regular transmissions, to bring you...

From the Sydney Morning Herald (on LoM: USA and the original): "Our series was basically a love story between two men but by casting Harvey [Keitel], who is 70, you didn't believe these two men could joust in the way our Sam and Gene did, and because they had potentially 50 or more episodes to make, they opened up the cast and had a lot more characters."

Ashley Pharoah is kind of a big deal.

I love that he said this. After S2 finished, Matthew Graham was trying to suggest that the central love story of LoM was that between Sam and Annie and that just did not ring true. Yes, Sam and Annie had the sweet beginnings of a romance, but nowhere near the amount of relationship development as that of Sam and Gene. Life on Mars was, at its heart, a story about their love --- a non-sexual love, maybe, but a love story all the same. It was as much about two people with differing personalities complementing one another and learning to rely upon each other; not to mention respect, trust, and enjoy each other's company, as it was about one person finding their place. And yes. Yes! This is it.

Also, he purposefully used the word 'joust' there just because of the imagery it conjures, I swear. HEE!

When Ashley's such a winner I always feel bad about the number of times I've talked smack about him and Matthew. I do love their work so very much. Just not all of it all of the time.