July 29th, 2009

Psych (Lassiter Smiles)

More Psych...

I have to go to bed, but, ack, the Psych Q&A from Comic-con is on the official Psych website through the countdown calendar (Number 10, I think? Just go looking), and Tim came on doing what Roday should have done (TOTAL GRANDSTANDING. IT WAS AMAZING) and I love him and really want to watch. ACK. (His hair is scary short. It's freaking me out.)

Oooh, they just referenced Scrubs. And Roday is a shiny gold star.

Steve: "I would love Gus to have a relationship."
Steve's Mind (you know it to be true): WITH SHAWN. HAAAAAAA!

Why do I get the feeling I'm not getting to bed for another 45 minutes?

ETA: Dark, dark chocolate. Mmmm. Steve/Dulé 4eva. I did tell you. HAHAHAHA.

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