July 21st, 2009

Life on Mars (Sam will shoot you dead)

Something Lost Along the Way

Title: Something Lost Along the Way
Fandom: Life on Mars
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 6600 words.
Notes: Sam/Warren non-con, Sam/Gene preslash. Initially written in a condensed form as a response to a prompt in The Life on Mars Anonymous Pornfest II.
Warning: Graphic depiction of non-consensual sex.
Summary: Episode 1.04 AU. Warren uses Joni to get Sam to come to him.
Sam swallowed thickly, rolling his head back. He knew what Warren was implying, and it wasn't mere implication. His message was loud and clear. He had the power. He had the power and Sam had nothing.

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Loz Hidden From View

And on the radio this week...

The host of this particular incarnation of Desert Island Discs, Jane Anderson, seems almost to want to drive David Mitchell to suicide. So far, she's said he can be thought of to be like his character in Peep Show after having detailed how pathetic that character is, mentioned that David himself is quite obviously not a 'cool person' (which? he is so cool in so many ways, not least of which his immense cleverness and yet ability to recognise that this can make him appear smug), and brought up an incident that was intended to insult him.

David's only just explained that he had an average teenagerhood, full of unhappy but also fine moments, and she said she felt worried for him suffering through a torturous misery. What the fuck, Anderson? He chose Walking on Sunshine as his first track because, and I quote, "it's a happy song". At which point she, for some unknown reason, then said she imagined him dancing to 'Walking on Sunshine' at a school disco (probably alone with a hopeful look at nearby girls and plastic cup of fruit punch that he would later spill down his Sunday best. She didn't say this bit, but I am almost positive that was her vision.) Oh, and now she's asking him why he didn't like puberty. Why would anyone like puberty?

Put the proffered razor away, Anderson! Now you've got the poor sod choosing Radiohead! He's already on your projected downward spiral! Your work is done! (Actually? His reasoning is hilarious and applause-worthy, and he seems really very cheerful about it. But the point still stands!)