May 21st, 2009

Loz Colourful

Gleemonex has never looked so good...

I am normally very responsible with money. I think of something that I want and I save money towards my goal. Last year, it was a round Australia trip. The first part of this year, it was a car.

But to combat my emotional fuckwittery lately, I've been doing a lot of impulse buying. Here is a list of things I have been buying to supplement my life with glee.

1. Beading supplies and knitting supplies, in a bid to become a better rounded person. I had about two weeks of beading and knitting fun, went to Adelaide on holiday, haven't touched them in the month I've been back.

2. A package of my favourite British junk food that I haven't eaten in 16 years. Penguins. Monster munch. Quavers. It's obscene how much money I spent on both the package and the shipping cost. Seriously. Especially since you can't go home again (namely: wow, none of this is as cool as my mind likes to remember.)

3. 12 new T-shirts from Typetees, because, dammit, I'm finally going to have a wardrobe full of witty slogans. I'm actually quite pleased by this purchase, but it set me back almost 2 days pay.

4. Merlin DVDs from Merlin DVDs, you guys.

So. I have the money, admittedly. I'm paying all my bills. This isn't an issue of me getting myself into debt. I am helping the global economy in these troubling times. But I really need to stop my frivolous shopping. I don't like feeling like I am wasting the cash I work so hard to make, even though I've never been someone to be so tight that I won't indulge a little in what I truly want. I think the issue is that I want all of these things in the moment, but most of them are things I can live without.

I tried hiding my credit card, but it turns out my brain predicted this risky manoeuvre and I miraculously know all of the information off by heart.