May 17th, 2009


Bring it on down to plastic-ville...

I've watched Merlin and Leverage now, and loved them both (Merlin and Arthur's interaction is for the win and I want ten thousand and one of Hardison's babies.) I watched Genius, and died with the episode featuring Johnny Vegas. I watched All the Small Things and wondered why no one on my friends list mentioned it --- it's utterly gleeful (Bryan Dick! Singing! Sarah Alexander being a total nutbag! Strange yet compelling Blink 182 and Tom DeLonge references!)

I have The Professionals, Mad Men and Burn Notice next to line up.

Are there any other suggestions? Would I like Generation Kill, Southland, Flashpoint? They all sound slightly more serious than I'm willing to invest in right now, but most of the current shows I watch either have or are about to disappear. To be honest, I'm leaning more towards wanting glee than a serious exploration of the human condition.