April 2nd, 2009

Loz Celestial

A whimper and a roar!

I'm looking forward to the holidays. I have another two and a half teaching days, and after that, I'm in Adelaide for a couple of weeks. My heart is doing a little \o/ yay at the thought of that. I am shattered. Next term looks like it's going to be close to overwhelming, since we're losing a colleague.

The main person that makes sure our school runs like clockwork has decided his time's up and he's retiring --- he's the School Services Officer and does a ridiculous amount of work. Budgeting, ordering, entering data into the database. He fields phone calls and makes enquiries, fixes the network when it decides to fail, backs up the server. If you have a question, he's the one who either has the answer, or can find out. Even though I don't always agree with his views (he can be a somewhat scary super-conservative who occasionally says things that make me cringe), I actually really like him and I'm going to miss him as a person as much as I'll no doubt miss him being a vital member of staff.

But I am really looking forward to next term despite this. The supplies I ordered through the insurance money will be coming, and we're doing a dinosaurs theme! Plus, I just spent over $200 of my own money buying resources, because, yay dinosaurs! I know I ordered some dinosaur jigsaw puzzles for my class, and we have books in the library. It's all very exciting and will be awesome once we've had a bit of a break and recharged our batteries.