March 26th, 2009


Seek and ye shall find...

If you don't believe that specific writers make much of a difference on the quality of any given episode of a television show, all you have to do is see the latest episodes of Dollhouse and Heroes. The same basic shows on the whole, with all the issues and problems still present --- and yet both of these episodes were fantastic compared with the lacklustre series that went before.

This was the first episode of Heroes in a long, long time that produced an emotional response in me other than irritation. And why? Because it was Bryan Fuller writing/producing again and he has this uncanny ability to weave whimsy and humour with angst, so that you're grinning one minute, sighing the next, and the whole time thoroughly entertained.

And Dollhouse, whilst still problematic for me in many ways, was so damn exciting and enjoyable that I found I didn't really care. Because, of course, it was Joss. And it was Joss with less network intervention.

Writers. \o/ They are of the awesome.