March 17th, 2009


Ineptitude and I go back a long way, baby...

I decided I wanted some new hobbies a couple of weeks ago, so I bought a collection of beads and a beading needle. I'm clearly crap with dimensions because these beads were tiny compared to what I was expecting, and let me tell you it's been a delight trying to make something halfway passable with them --- especially when I discovered the beading thread I bought was too thick. I've been using dental floss instead. Jewellery you can nom on! Spinach between your teeth? No longer do you need to sacrifice dental hygiene for sparkling accessories!

I also bought some knitting needles and wool. I couldn't figure out how to knit from diagrams, so now I am watching a youtube video. I'm still a bit very confused. How the hell do you do this stuff? And so quickly?

Sometimes I think I fail so spectacularly, I'm actually a winner again.