March 9th, 2009

Life on Mars (Oswald is Doubtful)


It's a long weekend in South Australia so pretty much every teacher from the Lands went to Alice Springs. Very cleverly, Friday night I gave myself food poisoning (AGAIN! I KNOW, RIGHT? I AM A FUCKIN' ROCKSTAR! This time it was with my own home-made bread, ETA: because there were motherfuckin' weevils in my motherfuckin' flour,) and spent most of the Saturday drive up like a geyser, threatening to go off every fifteen minutes from both ends. It was AWESOME. No, wait. The other one. SUCKTACULAR.

Luckily, by Sunday I felt much better so I went out with a couple colleagues and did some shopping and had a Tim Tam Chiller from Gloria Jeans (foolieonthehill turned me into a coffee-shop frequenter. Damn her and her inticing beverage-world-openers!) And then this morning more shopping, before returning to this place I call home 60% of the year.

\o/ I have food in the house again.