January 8th, 2009

Loz Colourful

Brisbane Days 2 & 3

On day 2, I miraculously had a foolieonthehill.

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It took forever for her to get through customs. I saw her plane had landed at 7.33am, and was waiting with bated breath at the Arrivals barricade (yes. barricade) for OVER AN HOUR! Anyway, I freaked out a little bit and walked around, and was about to go back, when, suddenly there was a tap on my shoulder, and there she was! Awesome!

We had a bit of a fuss trying to figure out where to catch a taxi, but then we did and it was all good. Yesterday was mostly spent in the hotel, with Sheena trying to get over the weirdness of timezones and jetlag, but we did go on a couple of walks. The first one featured an amusing iced coffee incident. It's pretty easy to buy iced coffee here, usually. It comes in cartons. Which look like Collapse ) You get them from delis and corner shops and supermarkets, etc. However, Sheena and I walked into a cafe, where she asked for an "iced latte". The look of pure horror on the barista(I think he was the manager)'s face should have been answer enough. But, he didn't say "we don't do those". Oh, no. He proceeded to take a Magnum ice cream Collapse ),
smash it up a little, and mix it with espresso. Sheena was left with a custom ice cream latte! Collapse ) Apparently, it was not awesome.

Later on, we passed a Starbucks, which were Collapse ) what Sheena had been expecting when she asked for the drink. Today we both bought them, just for the principle of the thing.

Today (Day 3), we took a boat cruise to Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary and took many photographs of koalas, kangaroos and other Australian native wildlife. Lone Pine is the only place where you can legally cuddle a koala. We did, of course. Yay koalas! They sleep for, like, 20 hours a day. And eat for 2. You can imagine this koala (named Hugo) wasn't too thrilled to have Britonozzie and American hands all over him. But he seemed like a pretty cool dude.

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After we did that, we walked around Brisbane a lot, and now we're getting ready for tomorrow, where we're going to see the BIG BANANA at Coffs Harbour and spend a lot of the day on trains.