December 26th, 2008

Where I Live (Tree)

If all else fails, you can blame it on me...

I had two awesome Psych fics written for me this yuletide.

Murphy's Law, a non-linear story (\o/) in which Shawn gets Gus to infilitrate Chick-Fil-A. I really feel for Gus in this story, in between my maniacal laughter.

And an extra treat Dare You, in which Shawn tries to get Gus to kiss Chief Vick. (Bwaaahahaha.) It's a lovely little dialogue-fic with perfect voices.

All in all, Shawn being, y'know, Shawn. :D

Thanks so much to my yuletidean writers for writing for me ♥

Guessy McGuesserson...

I ended up writing 5 yuletide fics this year. If you can guess any of them, I'll make you a custom icon of your choice/write you a ficlet. (Haven't forgotten the 5 things prompts, by the way. Just got eaten by yuletide.)

I'll give you a clue; I have written in all of the fandoms before (and it's not 5 separate fandoms.)

Comments screened, for extra fun.