November 28th, 2008

Loz Cola

You better not kill the groove...

Went out last night to say farewell to Student Teacher and discovered when I was oddly wobbly that she'd been buying me double vodkas all night; I had 8. Cheeky bint. It was fun, though! There's one of my co-workers who greatly prefers me when I'm drunk. The only difference between me when I'm sober or drunk are these three things --- I'm louder, I talk a hell of a lot of crap, I giggle more. Well, also, as with when I'm angry or scared, I become alternately more English, or more Australian sounding, depending on the phrase. I don't quite understand why he says things like "we live for these moments", when all he has to do is read my LJ to get the drunk version of me. (Please God no.)