November 6th, 2008

Psych (Prince Pun!)

I will not cry about this...

I've never wanted to be the kind of person who only works for money. I work damn hard at all kinds of things without expecting a cent. If I were a 'money is the be-all and end-all' kind of person, I never would have become a teacher.

But, quite honestly, at the moment, the only reason I'm still turning up for work is because I need the cash. The atmosphere at our school is poison, and not in the Alice Cooper awesome song kind of way; more the Lucrezia Borgia kind of way. It's killing me. Slowly but surely. That, coupled with the fact my students are acting up, makes for this not being nearly as great as it should and could be.

I cannot wait until the year is over, God. Mr. 40 Years Experience won't be Acting Principal next year. And I hope to hell he gets the picture and fucks off back from whence he came. The fire and brimstone miss him.

I don't want to be that teacher, but these past few months with that fuckwit 'in charge' has destroyed so many excellent things we had going at this school --- things that ensured that students didn't always treat their teachers with such overwhelming contempt and lack of respect. It's made everyone on staff apathetic and disheartened and that's no way to have a school. We're here to help, to teach, to better these children's lives. We're not here for our own grandstanding, autocratic, rude shitwittery and incompetence.

I know I can't fix the whole community's problems, but I'm constantly appalled by how little is done for the kids I work with every day. So I try, and I try, and I try, and... my students, at least, throw it all back in my face, sometimes literally.

I. just.

Need a hug.