October 30th, 2008

Loz Colourful

If the names mean nothing to you, don't worry...

I've been watching Mitchell and Webb on youtube and like any sketch comedy, they're hit and miss, but most importantly, I find some of their sketches downright depressing. Like the "lager beer" one. It's just sad. I think that's because David plays the role of the bumbling, well-meaning drunkard so very, very well.

Also, I love David Mitchell. I love him when he's on QI, and I love him on 'Would I Lie to You', and I love him here. He is awesome. I always think he's trying to give Stephen Fry a run for his money. Kind of like how Stephen K Amos says he has to wait until Lenny Henry's dead before he can get his own TV series. (Did I ever tell you how Nick and I met Stephen K Amos after one of his shows earlier this month and we were all "you're so awesome", and he was all "thank you", and Nick shook his hand? No? Well, now I have.)