October 27th, 2008

Loz Cola

Because sometimes your ridiculously obsessive fandom love needs love...

Life on Mars commentary style!

On the difficulties of making S1.06;

MG: "Where did the story come from, Ash?"

AP: "Well, terror, really."


If you haven't listened to the commentary tracks of S1 Life on Mars, I highly recommend it. It's deeply, deeply interesting and this episode in particular is great to listen to because it tells you something about the horror behind making tv, and includes some very funny lines between Matthew and Ashley. Such as my other favourite;

MG: "You never see Gene Hunt as a sexual being, do you?"
AP: "I don't."... but a lot of people..."
MG: "...on the internet. They do! Well the internet is an arena for perverts after all."


Oh, and, the reason behind *cough* mash *cough*, and er, proving that perversion;

MG: "I don't know where I end and you begin, Ashley."

♥ Their love is so amusing.

They talk about the fans, too, which at that stage was mostly people on Digital Spy, I think (and possibly TRA, it would have been in its infancy when this commentary was recorded, so there were about, oh, 25 of us in total.)

I'm getting nostalgic for 2 and a half years ago. *sigh*
Loz Cola

Oh teachers just wanna have fun...

Today the power went off in weird ways at the school; either the lights were working but the air conditioner wasn't, or vice versa. It's ridiculously hot at the moment, and our classrooms are like tin sheds, so we had to send the kids home and work in the admin block all day where the air conditioning was on. IT WAS AWESOME. I got so much work done! Student free days rock.