October 13th, 2008

Loz Cola

Shawn's Infinite Playlist

The Rules:
1. Pick a character, pairing, or fandom you like.
2. Turn on your music player and put it on random/shuffle.
3. Write a drabble/ficlet related to each song that plays. You only have the time frame of the song to finish the drabble; you start when the song starts, and stop when it's over. No lingering afterwards!
4. Do ten of these, then post them.

Title: Shawn's Infinite Playlist
Fandom: Psych
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2200 words.
Notes: Meme copied from lipstickcat. I think this meme proves how little I can actually write within a couple of minutes. Also, how much I regret that I used my entire music library to shuffle. A mixture of Gen, Lassiter/Victoria, Shawn/Gus, Shawn/Lassiter.

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Psych (Shawn/Pineapple OTP)

I like pointy things...

Random Psych thought; Henry says that Shawn has "a fear of pointy things", which Shawn corrects as "distaste for pointy things", but aren't pineapples kind of pointy?

Yes, folks, this is what my brain's giving me at... holy shit, it's almost 6 am and I haven't been to bed.