September 9th, 2008

Loz Cola

Sam Tyler in my A2A? It's more likely than you think!

So, John Simm recently suggested we may not have seen the last of Mr Tyler, and yes, I am just fangirly enough to think "eeeee!"

Y'see, John has a long and notorious history of letting the cat out of the bag before getting to the river.

He posted a 2.08 pic of Sam in a 2006 suit on his myspace, weeks before the finale aired. Then acted like it was from S1. Even though he had longer sideburns. It was fun.

He was also really crap at being secretive about playing The Master. Like, really. Really crap.

I was convinced John was never going to play Sam again, but he's also got a long and notorious history for being really down on a project immediately after finishing, and changing his mind years later. (See: The Lakes. He now says Danny was his favourite role and yet he hated the experience of filming The Lakes and gave several long diatribes against the second series.)

So. I'm torn. Does this mean we get a Sam-ish cameo in A2A after all? Or is he just buttering up fans for the express purpose of advertising a worthy cause?

I would have said the A2A writer boys would want to avoid a Sam cameo, but Matt was typical Matt and suggested this wasn't the case. It would be just like him to want to "pull the rug out" by doing it, and... well. "Eeeee!"

By the way, The Jacket is up for auction, but as a silent bid and I doubt that a genuine fan's going to be able to get it, which is a real shame.

(I. er. do find it kind of hilarious and awesome that JS still remembers his login to TRA and now I wonder if he doesn't still lurk around occasionally. There were a whole couple of weeks there where it was obvious it was lurk-o-rama. I mean, "I was told" really means, "I've been waiting days for you guys to see this. DAYS! *snerk*)