September 1st, 2008

Dave Foley (Classic)

Matchmaker, make me a match...

I wanted to see James Roday in another role (I'm nothing if not consistent!), so I acquired some of Miss Match (2003), a lawyer/matchmaker show with Alicia Silverstone that sadly failed dismally. Actually, despite the stellar cast --- this episode had Nathan Fillion and Lisa Edelstein guest-starring --- I can kind of see why it failed. I found it pretty boring and skipped through scenes.

To my dismay, Roday's not that much different --- except he is clean-shaven, wearing a suit, and pitching his voice up even higher (Seriously. What is with that? Boy's got quite a deep voice and feels the need to lighten it for roles? Usually it would be the other way around.) I had hoped he'd be a serious lawyer, but he wasn't. He was Shawn-lite. Slightly more obnoxious in some ways, but nowhere near as funny.

Anyway, because I can, I cap [16 caps];

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ETA: I also had to say, whenever I think "James Roday", I actually always think "James Roday Rodriguez", and I imagine it being said by John DiMaggio, in the same way he says "Bender Bending Rodriguez"... because clearly I am insane.