July 7th, 2008

Loz Cola

Why do birds suddenly appear, whenever you are near?

This was originally a comment to dorsetgirl, but I wanted to post it somewhere I could keep it, because I think this goes hand in hand with my pairing manifesto.

Sam and Gene are so thrilling. They are just amazing to write, in so many ways. They have the banter thing, and then the fighting thing, and the saving each other's lives thing; the disconnection and distance where Sam can never really tell the truth, and Gene always does --- the hatred in that --- that moment there, because Gene, dammit, is a bigot, and Sam, damn him, cares. But, fuck, they can't live without each other. They need each other more than any other two characters I've ever seen, because they are both absolute bastards in various different ways, but when they start to work together they just shine. They're a complex and brilliant couple. There are all of these points of entry into their relationship, different tacks you can take to show them, and all of them supported by canon. And the best thing? It really doesn't have to be slash to do any of that. That's all gen --- what we get in the show. Adding in the sexual element complicates it further and is challenging and heartbreaking and uplifting.