June 2nd, 2008

Loz Rambles

If it takes forever, I will wait for you...

Everyone was very helpful when I asked for book recommendations.

So now I ask for television show/film recommendations. I think you have a rough idea of what I like. (My favourite shows of all time are Spaced, Life on Mars, Corner Gas and Futurama. My favourite films are Shaun of the Dead, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Wilby Wonderful.)

I'm tending more towards comedy and light-hearted stuff lately. I already have Arrested Development down on my list, and I've been (re)watching Blackadder, but if you have any ideas of what else I could watch, I'd appreciate them.
Loz Cola

So many references...

Sometimes, when I am very bored, I like to put meta episodes like SG1's "200" on and have the best. time. ever.

I love Ben Browder so much. I think I just gave myself another TV show I can watch. I've only seen around 5 episodes of SG1 since after Jack left.

ausmac has me thinking; If they had to go for someone relatively built to play Sam in the US Life on Mars, why couldn't it have been Ben Browder?

I really wish they'd recast and get Ben Browder. He's so great. He can cry convincingly. He does stoic. He does dry humour. He does that whole closed-off/slightly-monotonous thing Sam does. He's my ideal American!Sam by a great stretch. I'm finding it difficult to find a Gene who would still not look completely ridiculous when he slams Browder!Sam into walls, but, still.

I apparently only have one Farscape icon and no Ben Browder close ups. I must rectify this. ETA: Rectified.