May 24th, 2008

John Simm (Oral Fixation)

Teachers are normally alcoholics anyway...

Well, that was... an experience.

I really do have a high tolerance for alcohol, because I had the equivalent of maybe 8 whisky and cokes and I didn't dance on a tabletop. I also, regrettably, remember everything I said and did. Some of which was pretty fucking stupid, but it had to happen eventually, right? And I did pretty well holding out until I was 24. Plus, I've seen them all drunk, so their bargaining power (read: blackmailing power) is weak.

Apparently I am a happy drunk who; becomes all grabby hands. Like, really. I feel most sorry for student teacher and lovely teacher, who are both male and young(ish), and both got my arm around them lots and lots. Also, kisses on the cheek. Hah. Great. Who; has drunken conversations about not being a Star Trek nerd who goes to conventions (also - I shall forever remember a co-worker saying 'you both say stupid things in the morning', which means nothing to you guys, but is interesting to me.) Who feels the need to proclaim just how drunk she is to everyone. Who is really loud and laughs loudly. Who doesn't slur and is really relatively articulate. I could probably recite entire dictionaries. Except I'd giggle for no reason at boring entries.

Oh, oh, and on the ride home, is desperate to go to the toilet and so hops out of the car and just goes in the bushes. Which, normally, would not be happening at all, due to complete embarassment - or at least would be done in a completely embarassed manner. This? Not so much. Plus, I fell over whilst going back to the car and injured my leg. Dear me.

Yeah. That is never happening again. I said once, and I mean once. I'm not going to let a shitty week tempt me into boozing up, because whilst I'll admit I had fun at the time, I don't think it's me. One drink now and then, maybe. 11 watered down whisky and cokes over four hours? No.

Least now I actually know what it's like to be drunk. No longer do I need to use clichés. Except they're all totally spot on, aren't they?
Loz Canada

Wanda loves Davis...

I really freaking love Corner Gas. It's my second favourite sitcom of all time. Episode 5.16 is utterly delightful, with Lacey being all Laceyish and Brent being all Brentish and Wanda with scorch! and cement writing, and, and, and, Hank actually outsmarting Brent and Davis! So great. I love the cheerfulness and the goofy meta humour and the mostly predictable but satisfying outcomes. Cement surveillance 101! Hahahahahaha. Oh, man. It's like I write the show without actually having to, uh, have the arduous task of writing the show.