May 14th, 2008


Two hours and thirty minutes to save the world...

I had someone come and observe me teach a lesson today, which I haven't had since my pre-service days (er... a year and a half ago? Although I've only been teaching for 8 months.) It was sprung on me out of the blue. I also had one of the other teacher's students in my class.

It went surprisingly well, which was nice. Apparently I'm not doing too badly at all.

I am, however, going to be having the other teacher's students for a week - so we'll see how I feel after that. (A potential of 35 students maximum ages 5-8 --- oh my goodness.)

Meanwhile, my program is due on Friday, and it's not the kind of thing where I can wave my hands and say, "oh, you know, numbers and letters and things!" even though that's essentially what we're doing.