May 4th, 2008

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Self-esteem is for everybody...

Oh man. I was rewatching the Angel episode "Smile Time" and it was doing such a great job of cheering me up. I had forgotten the absolute glee of this one. I remember when I first saw it, I died and went to fangirl heaven. The creepiness! The humour! The pathos! The puppetry. I was also always a big Wesley/Fred shipper, so it was a happy-making episode all round.

Now I think I'm going to rewatch Men of the World, because, well... young John Simm and a mindless sitcom and just the thought of those two things together makes me smile. Because I truly am depraved, part of me has always wanted to write Kendle/Lenny slash. YES, I KNOW.
Loz Cola

Avoiding the Cracks in the Pavement...

Title: Avoiding the Cracks in the Pavement
Fandom: Men of the World
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1140 words.
Notes: space_oddity_75 encouraged me and gets sent the appropriate blame. Kendle/Lenny slash of an unrequited nature. (The Wikipedia entry on this show has this as the plot: Thirtysomething Lenny attempts, with the help of old friend Gilby, to turn sensitive 23-year-old Kendle into a "real man" = HAHAHAHAHA. That is so much more saucy than this story.)

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I want you to love me...

Taken from vovat, "Things You Dislike About Things You Love."

Basically, you list some things you enjoy (I ended up listing five, but I don't think the number should be set in stone; it's cool if you think of less or more), and then mention an aspect of each that you don't like. You can be creative with them, but try to go with something that's more of a general trend than a specific item. For instance, don't choose a particular episode of a TV show, or a particular song by a band.

1. Life on Mars
For once, this isn't going to be "the ending". One thing that I always found fascinating, but uncomfortable, about Life on Mars was how it could condemn such matters as police brutality one minute, and glorify it the next. Gene wasn't always shown as doing the wrong thing when he shoved suspects through walls and bashed their hands with telephone receivers. Occasionally he was, yes, with Sam bringing him up on it --- but not always. Matthew would sometimes talk about the "things we got away with because we had Sam there to condemn" and that made me even more squeamish, because I'm not sure you should want to get away with showing police brutality in a somewhat positive light. Ashley is always faintly mystified that some people don't realise that several aspects to Gene's character are meant to be taken ironically, but I think he doesn't realise just how non-ironic Gene can come across. It's a complex issue, and I appreciate that, but there are times you have to ask if it's possible for a text to display violence, racism, sexism and homophobia without being inherently violent, racist, sexist and homophobic itself. (I would argue yes, but I'm not sure Life on Mars is always that successful.)

2. Futurama
I know it's a cartoon, but for a cartoon, it actually has some wonderful continuity - so it does annoy me a little bit that some running jokes like "aks" instead of 'ask' and the owls being the equivalent of rats were forgotten about as the series went on. It's a minor quibble, because I generally find Futurama to be one of those faultless texts that don't disappoint me much at all. I even really enjoyed "Bender's Big Score". It has an emotional depth and truth that's rare in all fiction, let alone that of an animated variety. And, okay, I'm a sucker for romance (no, really, I am) and adore Fry/Leela. (And Bender's violence, robotism, sexism and romophobia always does come across as ironic.)

3. Whose Line is it Anyway
This is ridiculously trivial, but whilst in the very beginning I loved audience participation games, towards the end they triggered my embarrassment squick and I always find myself fast-forwarding through them - even the games where the performers sing a song to a member of the audience, which is a shame, because I usually adore the music games. (Greatest Hits? Always great! 3 headed broadway star? Awesome.) I always really disliked the version of sound effects with audience members too, because it often simply became 'mock the audience' and, as stated, I'm sensitive to that kind of thing.

4. Queen
I used to call Queen my favourite band of all time, because I've loved them since I was four, and I guess in a way they still are. I love the theatricality and silliness of lots of their tracks, but also think they were quite musical and clever. So I don't really mind, for instance, the rock opera, even though I haven't seen it - because I can understand how it could work. There are narratives within Queen songs. What I don't like is Brian and Roger endorsing frankly shite covers. I really, really dislike the shite covers. But I hate them supporting them. 5ive doing "We Will Rock You"? Ugh. There was once a time I would have said no one else could ever do a Queen song justice, but not being so ridiculously close-minded in my love has just made me say "most people can't, some can" and scowl bitterly at the really awful ones who try. Rolf Harris doing Bohemian Rhapsody? No thanks. (Rolf Harris doing The Divinyls' "I Touch Myself" though? HAHAHAHA. BRILLIANCE.)

5. Bread
Alright, this is mostly about making bread, but I think it holds. It's really annoying that it's so hard to get perfect bread! You know the phrase "the best invention since sliced bread"? I really do think sliced bread is a brilliant yardstick to use as 'the invention of inventions', second only to wheels and bras. Whilst I love warm, fresh bread, I seem incapable of making it easily myself. It's so frustrating! I'm going to give it another go this afternoon and hopefully this time I will score a loaf with halfway decent rise and texture.
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How can I hold my head high?..

I've started sorting everything out for the Life on Mars ficathon this year and... *bounces* I am getting ridiculously excited.

Please remind me not to sign up.


Though petametermaid might.

(No, seriously, handcuff me or something.)

My this weekend has been a full posting one. Sorry! It's because I can't easily read other people's journals or websites, you see. I have pockets of time in which to do anything, and with posting, I can wait until I can tell it will go through - but pressing refresh all the time just does my head in.