April 23rd, 2008

Loz Halloween

Try a Little Tenderness (8/?)

Title: Try a Little Tenderness (8/?)
Fandom: Life on Mars
Rating: PG-13 for this section.
Word Count: 1,222 words this section.
Notes: Sam/Gene slash.
Warnings: There is extreme violence and darkness in this story.
Summary: It starts out like any ordinary day - as ordinary as it gets in 1973. And then they have a case. A young girl has been murdered. Tensions are high, and there's more than one kind of tension.

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Loz Cola

Writ it ten times or more...

You know what, I do this often, but --- Life on Mars fandom? I love you.

Who can help but feel overwhelming glee when a chorus of a hundred voices squee cheerfully about something as innocuous as a hand on a knee? (and cheeky grin, and open tux and leaning shoulders, oh my yes... sorry, what was I saying...?) Who can help but be unreservedly in love with a fandom that provides daily insightful commentary and good natured humour? Where we may disagree, but we rarely wank (and when we do wank, by Gosh, we wank together!)? Where there are as many different opinions as there are different interests and tastes --- and nearly every single one is completely catered for?


Great show, great fandom!