April 18th, 2008

Loz Woo


Asking about fic-kinks on lifein1973 was research illuminating, because it really made it apparent to me how Life on Mars became my fandom. Everyone who's responded has a similar kind of interest --- and okay, so most of the time, they're not all that surprising, but that doesn't make them any less fascinating.

Part of me wants to ask about squicks, but I won't, because that's a far more dangerous question and there will doubtlessly be some overlap with the kinks. Squicks sometimes feel much more personal than kinks - especially kinks of a generic plot type as opposed to, say, "biting" (or "bukkake").

I've been thinking about my squicks lately because some of them have eroded quite a lot.

I'm still mostly on the 'no' side when it comes to RPF. Not because I don't think anyone else should write it, just because I can't. And it's not really a 'I can only like things I can write', just more it makes me extremely uncomfortable. Except for that one time. You know. Behind the bikeshed.

Incest is still my major squick. I know it has a long tradition in literature, but I react badly to it.

I don't read rape fics, even by authors I trust - sometimes especially by authors I trust.

But apart from that, it's squicks that I think the majority share - scat, watersports, infantilism, necrophilia (okay, so, I may have had horrible thoughts whilst writing "Keep Me Hanging On", but I think my decision not to commit them to paper makes me still relatively well-adjusted.)
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Try a Little Tenderness (5/?)

Title: Try a Little Tenderness (5/?)
Fandom: Life on Mars
Rating: PG-13 for this section.
Word Count: 1,353 words this section.
Notes: Sam/Gene slash.
Warnings: There is extreme violence and darkness in this story.
Summary: It starts out like any ordinary day - as ordinary as it gets in 1973. And then they have a case. A young girl has been murdered. Tensions are high, and there's more than one kind of tension.

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