April 8th, 2008

Futurama Zapp

People don't change (apparently)...

I am now completely caught up with House M.D, or, as I like to call it, "that formulaic but weirdly addictive show that I'm now jonesing for more of."

I kind of am shipping House/Wilson now, oh help me God. It's just that Wilson has those eyes and dry sense of humour. And I really kind of love him, and love that he's not perfect, but he is the perfect foil for House. And really, it's one of those things where the slash is so canon that I can't avoid it. It's practically Jack/Ianto, and I wish they'd just admit that already. (Sorry piapiapiano!)

Also, Foreman may just be my favourite character, because he's just --- he's so great. Kind of evil. But great. I love his snappy dressing. I love his expressions. I love that he's made massive, humongous, mistakes.

House himself? Well. Part of my favourite game of House M.D is to look for little bits of Hugh Laurie in House. So far, I think I've found three tiny, tiny moments where I saw the actor I was familiar with. I think I respond to House exactly as the writers intend me to and this kind of kills the buzz for me. I like that he's layered, he amuses me, sometimes I agree with him, and I generally spend an episode being on his 'side'. Of course, I probably respond to both Wilson and Foreman as I'm supposed to too, but it doesn't bother me as much.