March 20th, 2008

Life on Mars (PUPPETS)

The apple of my eye...

I was thinking all night about clichés I'm sick of seeing in fiction. I think the one I'd most like to eradicate is "people don't change", perhaps because I am ridiculously optimistic, or perhaps just because it gets used in everything - from drama, to comedy, to the back of a crisp packet.

What clichés are you sick to the teeth of seeing?
Loz Cola

I may or may not be a spoilsport...

I have a led a sheltered life. I've never actually been around people I know as they're completely smashed. Until tonight.

It was a terrifying experience.

I have now seen my colleagues in a whole new light. But at least I now know, from a real world level, the types of things I write about. I'm not just basing it on clichés. There's nothing quite like being the sober one in drunken conversations.