March 8th, 2008


Yet still not as slashy as Jeeves and Wooster...

House 2.05.

... up until this point, I really didn't quite know what all the House/Wilson fans were on about. I thought they were good characters together, I liked their banter. But that was it. It was pretty much the same reaction I have to McKay/Sheppard in SGA. Or any popular slash pairing apart from my OTP.

Yet, 8 minutes into this episode, House is being very insistent on asking Wilson to dinner. Saying things like "unlike [your wife], I can make it worth your while", and er, certain suggestive things about his cane. I'm thinking there will probably be some kind of reason other than what I am thinking for this, but I'm still just really... shocked, I guess? I wasn't expecting it.


ETA 17 minutes in: So, I was right, and yet, this episode still manages to be overwhelmingly slashy. What?!