January 15th, 2008

Loz Cola

And now I am exhausted...

4 Wheel Driving was surprisingly highly enjoyable. I went over rocks! I went over sand! I partnered myself up with a lovely man named Alex, a fellow teacher going up to the Lands, who went over the bitumen to the track (so there was no having to co-ordinate gears and general car stuff with other vehicles around me all at once.) But it boosted my confidence with driving in general and I confess, it was kind of awesome. See, my steering has always been pretty good, it's the clutch and bite point and multi-tasking that I have trouble with. I only made one huge error --- and stalled the car twice. Not bad, not bad at all for someone who hasn't driven properly, or consistently, or a manual, for over three years. Alex was amazing. He was just so helpful, non-judgemental, and we had some really lovely chats - he's a great teacher and his students will love him.

I wanna do it again! I'll apparently have plenty of practice up where I'm going to be, which is a daunting but exciting prospect.

Oh, I've finally decided my future lies...

As some of you may remember, very shortly (within the week) I am moving up to Central Australia to teach. I'll be working in an Indigenous community and will, basically, be living a very different life to the one I lead now. I'm feeling (naturally) a little bit anxious about this - but extremely excited too.

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