January 5th, 2008

Loz Cola

Something something something, anything...

I always seem to start reading when a new year starts. It's like a small switch inside me flicks and says, 'right there, Loz, time to use the old noggin again.'

Because, really, it's just too bad that the only books I read last year were Poirot and Marple, and only too bad that it was for purely research purposes.

The saddest thing is that I know this, and say it often, but somehow fall back into the trap. It appears that reading, for me, is a continuous exercise. Once I begin, I find it very difficult to stop. And over the past few years I have cultivated an attention span that is used to doing ten things at once - it helps when teaching, but becomes an extreme hindrance when my concentration needs to be focussed - so now when I'm reading I slip into a special mode that is heretofore reserved for writing - hyperfocussed. It's a state that sees me forgetting to eat throughout an entire day. Entire conversations can occur and I will not remember the particulars, or the generals. I'll forget it ever happened.

I have books. Lots of them. They adorn my shelves and look pretty. (Actually, at the moment, they sit in boxes and look forlorn.)

To end this post, I'm going to talk about something completely different --- there is absolutely nothing so depressing as realising that the wonderful line you wrote is basically exactly the same as a joke already within the show. "I ain't gonna tell you nothing."/"Wait a second, that's one of Tyler's double wotzits, does that mean you are going to tell us something?" versus "I'm not sharing with no one."/What is that, a double negative? Don't they teach you anything in nutter school these days?" --- for some reason I have a fondness for my version, but possibly simply because it perpetuates Gene's 'man of the world, not of words' façade (which we all know is a patent lie.) It is awesome that Gene knows what a double negative is. Now I have to come up with something else.
Loz Cola

Billy Liar

Title: Billy Liar
Fandom: Life on Mars
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2,519 words.
Notes: Sam/Gene slash. A continuation of We Both Go Down Together, Red Right Ankle, How I Dreamt I Was an Architect and Of Angels and Angles. The title is from The Decemberists' song, which in turn is most likely a reference to the book by Keith Waterhouse. Intertextuality out the wazoo.

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