December 27th, 2007

Loz Cola

And I am nothing of a builder...

You may have noticed I have poor impulse control. It's probably just as well I'm not addicted to any drugs. (Well, caffeine, but that doesn't count!) I wonder if there are any programs I can get into.

"Hi, my name's Loz. I have an addiction. Let me tell you about it. Writing Life on Mars fan fiction - the worst crack around. It incorporates time travel, coma, and insanity. I could give you a free sample. It's perfectly harmless. Except when it's not."

Every time I feel particularly judgemental towards people who become fixated on things, single-minded, or otherwise disturbingly obsessive, this is what I remember. What it feels like to be writing another fic - the way everything else blends into the scenery and smears out of focus - until my concentration is distilled into a pinpoint and all I've ever wanted is those words on the screen, scrawled on paper, or dancing across my eyes like electric flashes.

And I may never be a brilliant writer, or the writer I want to be, not even of Life on Mars fan fiction, but the feeling makes up for that somehow. Simple minds and simple pleasures. This is my drug of choice.