December 14th, 2007

Loz Cola


Thanks to everyone for their messages of support and congratulations - it's much appreciated.

I am now in the process to packing up my house to move back to Adelaide until the new school year starts, so I won't be around much. I had my last day with my kids today and I'm feeling a little sad, but not as upset as I thought I'd be. Maybe it hasn't sunk in yet. Maybe I'm a cold-hearted bag. This has been a fantastic first experience as a teacher. It's been challenging. I've been scared. I haven't been sure I've coped the entire time. I've survived. I've thrived. I've ventured and gained and learnt an incredible amount. And now I am knackered and looking forward to some rest and relaxation.
Loz Cola

Don't know why you treat me so bad...

A sign that this may, actually, be a sickness;

I miss writing Life on Mars fic. (The last time was last week? Um. Yeah.) I have three stories that I really want to write, that I've been terrified to write, that I've been holding off on. Difficult, challenging, I'm not sure I'm up to them, but they lurk there, nattering away at the back of my mind. They're the stories that, when I write them, if they're any good at all, that's it, I'm done. I'm not sure they'll ever get written.

And then I have two other stories that I have beginnings on - lines of dialogue, ideas of plot and structure, themes. Up to the stage where I would usually start sitting down and tapping away, getting the words into some kind of order, playing with style and perspective.

There's also two collaborative projects I kind of desperately want to do.

I keep looking at all the important! real life! things I have to do and see how little time there is for it all. I feel resentful.

Living in fiction is dangerous but compelling.