December 9th, 2007

Loz Cola

Tall, dark, blond and lean...

My life has become unexpectedly eventful within the past few days (insofar as I did actually know these events were coming up, I just forgot all about them.) On Friday I was dressed up as a pirate and walking down the main street of town with a great big boat float ahead of me. I was not the only one. It was our town's Christmas Pageant. Now, I have done this before, as a kid. It was fun.

Yesterday was our staff Christmas show - which, in true laid-back Australian fashion became a barbeque at someone's house with added karaoke. Add to my life another chorus of people saying I should be a professional singer. One of the guys even said I should give up education, because he'd buy my CDs. (Yes, that's a stable profession --- then again, about as stable as teaching, judging by my experience.) What was amusing was the male teachers coming up and dancing behind 'It's Raining Men'. Win.

And today, I have slept. I have slept a lot. I didn't drink anything last night but I still feel like I have. I think my unexpected life has caught up with me.