November 24th, 2007

Loz Cola

Why I Love Life on Mars fandom, by me, Loz...

I used to be excessively polyfannish. I used to make jokes about it. But when I started really getting into Life on Mars fandom, I found that whilst I still enjoy all of those other texts, I have no desire to participate in wider circles. I became almost-monofannish.

I get everything I would ever want or need from the Life on Mars fan community.

And I know that part of it is self-indulgence --- I've been there from the start, I've been prolific, I've run stuff, people know me, some people like me. But it's by no means all that.

There are so many different things to engage with. There's amazing icons and some beautiful fan art (not enough - I'd love to see more.) Brilliant vids. And yes, some truly great fan fiction that pleases me. But the most important thing is that there are brilliant people - we're a friendly, warm, humourous, intelligent fandom. We're small, but feisty, yet our wank levels are currently quite small. That may change, it wouldn't surprise me, but so far, the worst we've ever had was one mention on fandom_wank thanks to American remake passions and a few minor spats here or there. That's impressive.

So yes, Life on Mars fandom, I love you. From the people I met at the beginning who made me feel welcome, to the people who've engaged with me along the way - some of whom I miss quite a lot - you know who you are. To newcomers who are jumping in head first and participating. Not to mention the lurkers --- I love you too.