November 22nd, 2007

Loz Cola

Now I have nothing, so God give me strength...

So I've been running recommendations fortnight on lifein1973, working, reading my newly acquired 'Rules of Modern Policing', and not much else.

The Rules of Modern Policing is great. There's been a lot of laughter. I really appreciate the time and effort that's gone into it. I have to admit, it doesn't exactly strike me as something Gene's written as opposed to Guy Adams and Lee Thompson having a laugh, using a Gene cardboard cutout as their puppet --- but there are lots of wonderful things. Actually, I'm so glad Guy's kept it relatively balanced - it is a caricature, but there are levels, which is nice. He's a good writer, very good. And having it framed as being Chris' copy of the book leads to a lot of lovely asides.

But, I still think fandom does it better. And maybe that's why I'll never be a professional writer. Gotta appeal to the masses, not the niche.

I'm bone-weary from work. It's report writing. My kids have all turned into Nosferatu. And, yeah, even though it brings me back to a life without work, money, or security, I'm looking forward to the holidays. 3 more weeks.