October 27th, 2007

Loz Cola

He's obsessed with ants...

Poirot/Miss Marple = OTP + AMNESIA magazine.

No, really, I genuinely think Peter Serafinowicz ran off with my brain at some point and decided to have fun with it and his writing team. Everything he does is just my humour, completely, in all the best and worst ways. Only, done with such talent that it is, actually, very, very funny. They should have him on QI again. Okay, I don't think he got any answers right and he was all awkward, but he's so lovely.

Which reminds me - I had a nightmare last night that Stephen Fry had quit QI. It was this long and involved nightscape that had me awaking in terror and it was merely, "Stephen Fry is no longer going to be the host of QI". These are the major concerns of my life.