September 15th, 2007

Loz Cola

Help a fangirl out...

Hi. So. There's this John Simm photoshoot people keep using in icons where he's wearing a (trench?) coat [ETA: actually, in the ones I was thinking of, it's a shirt] and looking like a serial killer hot. I absolutely fail in finding the original pictures myself and I'd like them to write serial killer stories about to drool at. Can anyone link me, or post them in a comment or something?

ETA: Thank you, shadowhuntress :)
Loz Cola

Thing's'll be going my way...

So. I miss my baby brother like crazy. We're really more like twins in a lot of ways (6 and a half years mean very little, given our respective maturities.) And when he sent me this youtube link, I missed him even more. Hahaha. No, he's not one of the participants, but I glee when I think that he totally would have been, if ever given the chance.